Barca put Lacazette on their list of substitute targets

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Barcelona names Alexandre Lacazette, the French striker It’s on the list of backup options. Because the players are about to expire with Arsenal this summer.

The Daily Mirror reports that Lacazette has emerged as a potential target for Barcelona, ​​who are currently looking to sign several free transfers. and the latest situation The French forward has yet to renew his contract with Arsenal. The report states that if Barcelona miss out on their main target ufabet. Lacazette will be consider as a back-up option. 

After the 30-year-old striker has had a decent performance, scoring six goals and providing eight assists in 29 games against the Gunners this season, possibly his final year at the Emirates Stadium. Barcelona previously snatched Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from Arsenal and immediately put on a spectacular display in La Liga. It is a contract without a fee after the Gunners agreed to cancel the contract.

A move for Salah is also describe to be ‘very complicate’ with reports in the last few days suggesting. He could sign a new deal with the Reds.

Barcelona’s financial situation is still said to be perilous and it is unclear. If they could afford Salah this summer even with him out of contract next year. 

Laporta, often bullish about the club’s financial might, has admitted that they still need to reduce negative net worth and cut losses.