Eriksen to undergo medical examination before Brentford signing

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Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen Prepare to face a thorough physical examination. Before signing a short-term contract with Brentford, the Premier League team.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Brentford are moving closer to securing Eriksen, with ufabet the most crucial point in making a signing possible. That is a thorough physical examination. Reports say Eriksen is in final talks with Brentford over a six-month contract or until the end of the season. 

Which is expect to have no problem to worry. But after that is the physical examination process that will indicate that Free kick spinning midfielder Will be able to move back to playing football in the Premier League again? For Eriksen, who will turn 30 on February 14 Suffering fell on the pitch at Euro 2020 on June 12 last year. He is found to be in a sudden cardiac arrest that required a defibrillator implant in his body. 

The rules of Italy can’t play professional football, causing Inter Milan to agree to terminate the contract without conditions. Sky Sports, another media outlet, reported the same Contract negotiations between Brentford and Eriksen have not been a problem. And the players will not break the salary ceiling of the club. While signing a contract doesn’t have to be rushed. And it doesn’t have to happen within 48 hours because the player has a free agent status. Able to sign contracts outside the market