Howe only focuses on himself, ignoring the Liverpool

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Newcastle head coach Eddie Howe has insisted his team are focused on maintaining a consistent performance in their quest for next season’s Champions League qualification from the English Premier League’s top four, with challengers Liverpool accelerating. The pressurizer has no effect when the team is in control of their own destiny.

Newcastle have complete 33 matchdays with 65 points, six points more than the fifth-rank Reds, who have played more than one matchday. 

So as long as they only win 3 out of the remaining 5 matchdays, they’re floating. It doesn’t matter how many games ufabet Jurgen Klopp’s team will win in a row. 

Howe “Winning P.S. P.S. quotas is not over yet. I don’t think it’s over,” opening his mouth at a press conference before meeting Arsenal (May 7).

“We still have to compete against some of the top teams who are fighting with goals until the end of the season, and Newcastle have to do the same.”

“Not taking off the accelerator until the end of the season.” 

“For Liverpool’s form, which is stronger, does not result in eating, cannot sleep. Because I realized that it was already an elite team.”

“Are you surprised that you have won so many times? Neither. 

“But that is their business. We just concentrate on ourselves. It is something that can be done The calendar is tough, but so far it has done well.”  

After opening the home match against Arsenal, Newcastle must visit Leeds , duel Brighton and Leicester as the home team and end the season away at Chelsea.