Jordi Alba has seen critics treat him unfairly

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Barcelona left-back Jordi Alba has seen critics treat him unfairly.

Barcelona left-back Jordi Alba believes he has been the subject of unfair criticism. But admits that it is normal in the football industry and is ready to accept all criticism As report by Marca on Sunday. 

Barcelona face difficulties both on and off the pitch. But Alba’s experience is still valuable to Azul Grana’s side, the 32-year-old left-back being the first choice for both Ronald Koeman and Xavi Hernandez. Although the player has come under criticism. By starting all items in this season, 23 games are second only to Gerard Pique and Sergio Busquets only. 

‘I feel that I have been criticized for years,’ said the 32-year-old left-back. ‘This is not the first time that has happened to me. And I accept all reviews. because it is part of the circus that takes place in football.’

‘If I play a good game Critics won’t mention it. But I play like the day before they will kill me But this is normal and I accept it,’ Alba said.

Despite enduring a difficult season on and off the pitch in Catalonia, Alba’s experience has remained as an ever present asset in 2021/22.

Former boss Ronald Koeman, and Xavi, have both call on him as their assure first choice at left back this season, despite this intimated criticism from outside.

He has made 23 starts across all competitions so far this season. A figure only bettered by his old friends Gerard Pique and Sergio Busquets, from Barcelona’s outfield squad options.